Surrender the Secret
A 9-Week Journey to Healing
Join a small group of women just like you.
Journey through “Surrendering the Secret” … together.
Find healing and freedom from the pain of a past abortion.
middle age woman
“By placing me with others who have been through the abortion pain, God healed my wounded heart. I didn’t feel alone anymore and I was able to fully understand my feelings.”
Cindy, 45
You No Longer Need To Be Held Captive By Your Past
  • No one can know about what I did
  • It's been over 20 years and I still think about it
  • I feel like God can never forgive what I've done
  • I get flashbacks of my abortion
  • I know I never really dealt with my past abortion
  • I'm scared someone will find out about my abortion
  • I feel emotionally numb
  • People close to me don't know this is in my past
  • I'm tired of feeling guilt and shame
Are You Struggling To Heal From A Past Abortion?
You’re not alone: 43% of American women have abortion in their story. Many carry symptoms like shame and guilt for decades.
With Surrender the Secret, you’ll journey with women just like you through a confidential, 9-week support group professionally-designed to bring you healing and freedom from the past.
The groups are intentionally limited to a max of 6 people and they fill up fast.  Register today to reserve your spot.
The Coronavirus has impacted all of us on the Peninsula. We are still open and able to serve you. Please call today or request an appointment for more info.